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The Driveway Gate Opener and Security

03/19/2014 Back To Blog

The main reason why homeowners choose to install a driveway gate opener is convenience. However, it is natural to ask yourself whether the opener will increase the level of security or lower it. The reality is that this depends on the security features which it comes with and which the homeowner chooses to use. Find out more about this aspect.Gate Opener 24/7 Services

The Main Gate Security Features

Each opener comes with a special box which is installed so that it is at the same level as the window of your car. That way, you can easily open the gate on your way in and out. In this case, there are three locking mechanisms that can be used. The use of a key is the main option. It is just like opening the door of your house. The other option is to have a card which is inserted inside. The third option is to use a gate opener keypad.

The keypad is considered to be the most advanced security option. It will certainly match any iron or steel gate perfectly well. You can use a four-digit code and change it whenever you want so the risk of a thief opening the gate is much lower. The residential gate openers with a rolling code offer the highest level of security. This is because the code is changed every time after use.

You can also get a gate remote. It will certainly add to your convenience. As long as you keep it safe there will be no security issues arising from its use. It is best to place it on a keychain and keep the chain with you at all times.

A phone enter system is not a mandatory security feature, but it is highly recommended. It involves the installation of speakers on the control box and inside the house. That way, you can talk to people before letting them in while staying in the house.

You should try to achieve the highest level of security and maintain it all times

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